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23.02.2016  Put into operation site of VI-th International scientific conference named after A.I.Kitov "Information Technology and Mathematical Methods in Economics and Management" (IT&MM-2016) - VI-й Международной научно-практической конференции имени  А.И.Китова "Информационные технологии и  математические методы в экономике и управлении" (ИТи ММ-2016)

22-23 of April, 2015  At the Russian Plekhanov University of Economics was held
The Vth International Scientific Conference named after A.I. Kitov "Information Technology and Mathematical Methods in Economics and Management" (IT&MM-2015)
22.04.2015  At the Congress Center of Plekhanov University like  the cultural part of the conference IT&MM-2015 
named after A.I. Kitov was a concert of the famous bard Oleg Mityaev

23.02.2015 Today, on the Defender of the Fatherland Day, on the TV-channel "Culture" was shown documentary movie "Internet of Colonel Kitov". This movie was created by TV-company "VGTRK"

26-27 of March, 2014  At the Russian Plekhanov University of Economics was held The IVth International Scientific Conference named after A.I. Kitov "Information Technologies and Mathematical Methods in Economics and Management" (IT&MM-2014). The conference was organized with the support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR)

15.09.2013 In Kiev on September 12-13 was The International conference "Modern information science: problems, achievements and prospects" devoted to the 90th anniversary of outstanding scientist Victor Mikhailovich Glushkov - the founder and first director of the Kiev Institute of Cybernetics. V.M.Glushkov was associated with A.I.Kitov during 25 years of fruitful cooperation and friendship. Website of this conference: http://inform.icybcluster.org.ua/glavnayar

An article by Valentin Stetsyuk „Predecessor of the CC SRI-4“, about the Computer Centre №1 (CC-1) of the USSR Ministry of Defence founded by A.I.Kitov, is posted on the website of the Scientific Research Institute -4 (SRI-4) of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federatiion (Валентин Стецюк "Предшественник ВЦ НИИ-4").

15.12.2011 Publishing house „Moscow University Press“ of the Moscow State Lomonosov University (MSU) released the 15th edition of the MSU faculty of history collection of research papers „Economic History“, where the article by A.V. Kuteinikov Electronic Socialism“ - the First Projects of the Soviet Planned Economy Automated Management in the end of 1950s and the beginning of 1960s“ is printed (Кутейников А.В. "Первые проекты автоматизации управления советской плановой экономикой в конце 1950-х и начале 1960-х гг. - "электронный социализм"

22.11.2011  A.V. Kuteinikov defended PhD (for the „Candidate of History Science“ degree) with subjectProject of Automated Management System for the Soviet National Economy  (Global State Automatic System – GSAS; russ. OGAS) and the Problems of its Realisation in 1960-1980“ at the Scientific Council of the Moscow State Lomonosov University. The pioneer role of A.I. Kitov in that field was emphasised there.

20.11.2011 The Second International Scientific Conference named after A.I. Kitov was conducted with support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR). A big exposition „A.I. Kitov - a Pioneer of Cybernetics, Informatics and Automatic Management Systems was placed at the conference foyer. About 300 participants were present more than 40 reports were made. 4 reports were dedicated to A.I. Kitov; they were:

 - V.V. Shilov „Anatoly Ivanovich Kitov's contribution to establishing and development of the national and the world's informatics“;

 - R.I. Khazbulatov „Outstanding Russian Scientist Anatoly Ivanovich Kitov – as I knew him“;

 - A.N. Nikiforov „Outstanding Role of Anatoly Ivanovich Kitov in recognition of cybernetics in the USSR“;

 - E.P. Stryukova, „Basic scientific works and projects of A.I.Kitov in the field of Automatic Management Systems(Стрюкова Е.П. «Основополагающие работы А.И. Китова в области АСУ).

14.10.2011  V.M. Troyanovskiy presents  a summary of the Second International Conference on the History of Computers and Informatics (SORUCOM 2011) results in his article (Итоги Международной конференции по истории вычислительной техники и информатики SoRuCom 2011“)


21.09.2011 Texts of the seven scientific reports of the Second International ConferenceDevelopment of Computer Engineering and its Software in Russia and in the Countries of the former USSR“ (SORUCOM-2011) are placed at the website „Texts of publications about A.I. Kitov“ (тексты публикаций об А.И.Китове):

1. V.A.Kitov, S.P. Prokhorov Formation of programming in the USSR from 1950 till 1960. Китов В.А., Прохоров С.П. Становление программирования в СССР с 1950-го по 1960 год

2. S.B. Ogandzhanyan, S.P.Prokhorov Fruitful cooperation of the two pioneers of cybernetics Оганджанян С.Б., Прохоров С.П. Плодотворное сотрудничество двух пионеров кибернетики

3. A.Ya. Prikhodko At the sources of the national military informatics

Приходько А.Я. У истоков отечественной военной информатики

4. P.G.Sibiryakov The sources of algorythmic programming language ALGEM and its place in creative work of A.I.Kitov Сибиряков П.Г. Истоки алгоритмического языка АЛГЭМ и его место в творчестве А.И. Китова

5. P.G.Sibiryakov, V.A.Kitov, K.K.Kolin Beginning of Automated Management Systems Сибиряков П.Г., Китов В.А., Колин К.К. Начало истории АСУ

6. V.A.Kitov, V.V. Shilov Starting point of the national cybernetics

Китов В.А., Шилов В.В. Точка отсчёта истории отечественной кибернетики

7. S.B. Ogandzhanyan, S.P.Prokhorov  Efficient joint activity of A.I.Berg and A.I. Kitov.

Оганджанян С.Б., Прохоров С.П. Эффективная совместная деятельность А.И. Китова и А.И. Берга

 The Second International Conference „Development of Computer Engineering and its Software in Russia and the Countries of the former USSR“ (SORUCOM-2011) took place on 12th -16th of September 2011. Plenary meeting was dedicated to memory of Russian scientists A.P. Ershov, A.I. Kitov and A.A. Lyapunov. Of 38 conference reports 7 were dedicated to scientific activity of A.I. Kitov

10.08.2011  The article by A.V.Kuteinikov and V.V.Shilov Automatic Management System for the USSR; a letter from A.I.Kitov to N.S. Khrushchev, 1959was posted on a website. The article had been published first in the magasin „Problems of the History of Natural Sciences and Technology“ (VIET №3, 2011). VIET is the central periodic scientific magazine in the field of the USSR and Russia history of science and engineering. Its editorial board works at the S.I. Vavilov Institute of the History of Science and Technology of The Russian Academy of Sciences 

28.06.2011 Four exhibition stands displaying materials about A.I.Kitov are mounted at the G.V.Plechanov Russian Economic University at the Faculty of Informatics:

 - Pioneer of national cybernetics;

 - Founder of Informatics;

 - Pioneer in the field of implementation of Electronic Computers and Electronic  Mathematical Modelling in economics;

 - Founder of Medical Informatics. 

Holding of the Second International Conference named after A.I.Kitov is announced. The conference is conducted at the  Russian  Plekhanov University for Economics on 17-19 November 2011 (II международная конференция им.А.И.Китова) 

18.04.2011  Newspapers „Komsomolskaya Pravda“ and „Moskovsky Komsomolets“ publish articles dedicated to the Y.A. Gagarin's space flight, on the occasion of its 50 years jubilee. The newspaper articles tell about Anatoly Ivanovich Kitov's contribution to the space explorations. You can read the articles here (здесь) 

12.04.2011  A special event „Cosmonautics Day at REU“ was held at the Russian  Plekhanov University for Economics. It was dedicated to 50 years of the first flight of man into open space. The outstanding role of A.I. Kitov himself and of, founded by him, the USSR first Computer Centre (Computer Centre № 1 of the USSR Ministry of Defence) in the beginning period of space explorations was emphasised at festive opening ceremony of the event. The event's report can be read here (здесь)

21.03.2011  Text on pages 361-362, of the book by A.Tarasov „The House Register of Epoch: 80 years of the legendary „House on the Embankment“ “, is dedicated to A.I. Kitov, who also lived in that house

11.03.2011  The magasine „Emergency Store“ (№1(75), 2011) publishes an article by a historian of science V. Gerovich „Inter-Net! Why a Global National Computer Network hadn't been Created in the USSR“. V. Gerovich is currently working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Boston, USA). The article marks the outstanding role of A.I. Kitov who, the first time in the USSR and in the world, proposed a project of so-called Global National Economy Management System based on Unified State Network of Computer Centres (USNCC; Russ. ЕГСВЦ)

28.02.2011  Article by prof.Shilov V.V. about the life and scientific way of Anatoly Ivanovich Kitov is posted on the website „RUSSIAN BRANCH of IEEE COMPUTER SOCIETY 

15.01.2011  The text of A.V. Kuteinikov's report „The Project of Electronic Computers mass implementation in the Soviet Economy Management and the problems of its realisation in 1960-1980s“ was placed in a section of the website „Texts of publications about A.I. Kitov“ (тексты публикаций об А.И.Китове)“. Kuteinikov made the report at the conference „History and Perspectives of  national Computer Engineering“ at Polytechnic Museum (Moscow) on the 9th of December 2010

  • Exhibition dedicated to A.I. Kitov continues to function in the Hall "Cybernetics" of the Polytechnic Museum of the Russian Federation. There you can find photos, personal things, monographs and books, that helped several generations of specialists of the USSR, China, central and eastern Europe in learning programming
  • Book written by Dolgov V.A. "Kitov Anatoliy Ivanovich - the pioneer of cybernetics, computer and informatics" received the first degree diploma
  • 3-5th november 2010 Second IEEE Region 8 Conference on the History of Telecommunications (HISTELCON) was held in Madrid (Spain) on the 3-5th of November. In section "Pioneers of Electro-Technology" the report "Anatoly Kitov: Technology vs. Ideology. The story about first project of nationwide computer network" was presented. The authors are Vladinmir V. Kitov and Valery V. Shilov. The programm of conference is available here

  • 28-29th october 2010 A. I. Kitov Internatinal theoretical and practical conference "Innovative information technologies in economics, management and education" took place on the 28-29th of October in Plekhanov Russian Economic University. The event was organized by the Department of Informatics.In order to get extra information visit web-site: www.it-rea.ru
  • On the 21-st conference IFIP World Computer Congress (WCC 2010) (20.09.2010 — 23.09.2010), that was held in Brisbane (Australia), in section Foundations of Computer Science the report over A.I. Kitov was presented. It was published in the collection "History of Computing. Learning from the past", publisher Springer. The full text of the report "Anatoly Kitov - Pioneer of Russian Informatics" is here
Anatoly Ivanovich Kitov is  the outstanding scientist in the field of search engines, algorithmic languages and informatics who has laid the foundations of national school of programming and application of the electronic computers for solving military and economic tasks. He is the author of 12 monographies and the textbooks translated on 9 foreign languages.