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In a birchwood in Zagoryanka.
A.I. Kitov with his mother Maria Vasilyevna, his wife Galina, Galina's sister Nina and their mother Lidya Vasilyevna.

Kitovs with their son Vladimir. 1957.

During holiday in Yalta. 1957.

A.I. Kitov. 1968.

In their flat 165 in «House on the Embankment». 1970s.

A.I. Kitov's letter from USA to his family in Moscow. January 1971.

1984  With the grandson Victor
(nowadays the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, 2008.)

On the country in Zagoryanka  with the grandson Victor and the son Vladimir. 1986.

With the grandson Victor. 1988.

A.I. Kitov says a toast in honor of his dear wife Galina on her birthday in their Moscow flat. His friens N.A. Medvedev is near him. 16 october 1995.

Winter evening on the country in Zagoryanka. 

On building by own strength the two-storeyed bar-shaped house on the country in Zagoryanka. August 1992.

Friends don't forget Kitovs. Anatoly Ivanovich was already seriously ill. As always, near to him his devoted wife Galina..
16 october 2002.

The sanatorium in Kislovodsk, USSR Ministry of Defense.
July 1959.

L.P. Strahova (in the second row) with A.I. and G.V. Kitovsи and their son Vladimir. Moscow, 1957.

Kitovs on a balcony of their Moscow flat on Taganka. Photo is made by their visitor – the American colleague, the professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) David Sharman. Moscow. June 1966.

In the early spring in Crimea. 1977.

Anatoly Ivanovich's greeting cards to his beloved wife Galina.

A.I. Kitov (right) during the marriage of his son Vladimir with Olga Glushkova. 7 march 1980.

Kitovs with the son Vladimir, невесткой Olga and the grandson Victor. June 1984.

During a trip to GDR. June 1981.

In their flat 145 house 39 on the Grand Georgian street. 1987.

1987. With the grandson Victor Kitov.

Sport for all ages - the grandson Victor and Anatoly  Ivanovich in summer on the country in Zagoryanka. Early 1990s.

Evening before Christmas on the country in Zagoryanka. 1990.

Kitovs on the country in Zagoryanka.