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Foreign travel

Visit to Harvard University in the U.S.
Professors J.Mack (USA), N. Bunkov
and A. Kitov. Boston city. 1966.

A.I. Kitov had an interest in communition with ordinary Americans to learn the peculiarities of their lifes and practice english. USA, New-York City. 1966.

National representatives
in TC4 IFIP. А.И.Китов fifth in the second row. Japan, Osaka. 1978.

Meeting of the members of the Programme and Organizing Committees of the World Scientific Congress MEDINFO-80.
Leftmost is A.I. Kitov. 
Japan, Osaka. 1978.

A.I. Kitov with Japanese C. Atsumi and N. Kaihara in a break between sessions of ТС4 IFIP, вevoted to preparation of the World forum MEDINFO-77 in Toronto (Canada). Italy, Florence. March1977.

Group of participants of MEDIS-78 conference . Third from left is A.I. Kitov, to the right of him is professor Lindberg (USA). Japan, Osaka, 1978.

A.I. Kitov with Japanese colleagues during the World Science Forum MEDINFO-80. Tokio, 1980.

A.I. Kitov during a visit to the Louvre Museum. Paris. October 1995

A.I. Kitov with one of the professors of the University of Michigan.
USA, Ann Arbor city. 1966.

A.I. Kitov during a scientific trip to the United States. New York, at the entrance of the UN building.1966.

Professors С. Atsumi (Japan), M.Abrahams (UK), A.I. Kitov (USSR) and D. Lindberg (USA) at the meening ТС4 IFIP.
Netherlands, Amsterdam. 1977.

National Japanese dinner for members of the International Committee ТС4 IFIP, A.I. Kitov (rightmost). Japan. 1979.

Professors A.F. Perez de Talens (Italy), J. Roukens (Netherlands), D. Shires (Canada) and A. Kitov (USSR) on the regular meeting of the heads of IMIA.

The regular meeting of the members  of the International Committee ТС4 IFIP. Third from left is professor A.I. Kitov, fifth from left is chairman of ТС4 IFIP
professor J. Rouknes. Japan, 1979.

National Japanese dinner on MEDINFO-80.
Tokio. September, 1980.